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McCoy Cookie Jar Gallery: Pictures and Prices


McCoy was one of the most prolific makers of cookie jars and is considered one of the giants of the industry. It started producing jars in the 1930s. It is claimed that the first figural jar was the mammy with cauliflowers -- a jar that is very valuable today, but unfortunately also has been reproduced quite often.
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McCoy Santa McCoy Clown in a Barrel Cookie Jar - RAREMcCoy Cauliflower MammyMcCoy Mammy
McCoy Happy Face Cookie JarMcCoy Globe Cookie JarMcCoy Squirrel Cookie JarMcCoy Barnum Animal Crackers
McCoy Quaker Oats Cookie Jarmccoy pottery, cookie jar values, advertising cookie jarsMcCoy Hamms Bear Cookie JarMcCoy Mac Dog Cookie JarSnoopy Doghouse McCoy Cookie Jar

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