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Mary Poppins' Penguin


Disney - LE Mary Poppins Jar
Courtesy of Disney Auctions
A terrific jar with a new and different look for the Mary Poppins movie!
  • Limited Edition: 350
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Release: Spring 2005
  • Initial Dutch Auction Price: $55.*
  • Finished Prototype Sold for $500. (Spring 2005)
  • Current Values: $150. - $200.
Also see: All White Prototype Jar

This particular jar is very popular and at the time of the release from Disney, it would sell for more than the initial offering price. (when there were more bidders than jars). A year later, it is not unusual to see it sell for two to three times the initial price of $55.Disney Dutch Auctions.

A certain number (not the entire edition) of pieces are put up for auction at a time with an initial issue price. Depending on the number of bidders and the number offered, final selling prices can vary widely.

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