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Rosa Parks Cookie Jar


Rosa Parks Cookie Jar

Rosa Parks Jar

Barbara Crews
  • Made by: A Little Company
  • Commissioned by: Roger Lewis
  • Issued: 2000/2001
  • Size: Approximately 13½" X 14" wide
  • Values: $350+

More than 50 years ago Rosa Parks quietly made a statement. She wouldn't move from her seat when asked to move to the back of bus and stand up. Today Rosa Parks' name is known around the world as the woman who made headlines by not getting up from her bus seat.

Roger Lewis, Black Memorabilia & Art dealer, was personally acquainted with Rosa Parks for many years. It was a personal tragedy that brought them together, they became acquainted and remained friends. When Lewis first approached Parks about doing a cookie jar "sculpture" in her honor, she agreed and the rights were secured. Lewis reports that she was "just tickled pink" with the results and you can see why when comparing the jar to pictures of Rosa Parks.

Lewis, who formerly commissioned a Josephine Baker jar, went to A Little Company for the sculpture, designs and crafting of the jar. Together they came up with another great Black jar. It is extremely lifelike jar, people seeing the jar in my collection instantly know who it is! It's one of those "WOW" jars when you first see it and closer inspection does nothing to diminish that feeling.

For more information on the Rosa Parks jar, contact Roger Lewis.

The prices shown are suggested ranges only. Prices shown are a combination of book values, online auctions and cookie jar dealers. Many times bargains can be found at online auctions and at other times a bidding war can cause greatly inflated prices, those are not always a true value. Consideration must be taken into account as to when auction was held, images used, condition, category, and description. All of these things can greatly affect the price realized.

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