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McCoy Cauliflower Mammy


McCoy Cauliflower Mammy

McCoy Cauliflower Mammy

From the collection of Theodore Kotsiakos©
McCoy Pottery only made two black mammy cookie jars*, this jar is the rarest of the two. Both jars are widely reproduced, which in turn has caused values to come down quite a bit as folks are unsure what is real and what's not.

This jar is a good example of a cold paint finish and what happens after years of use or even just sitting around. It's very hard to find an older or antique cookie jar with good original cold paint. The cauliflower mammy shown here is one of the better examples found.

  • Made: 1939
  • Mark: McCoy, USA
  • Rare
  • Cold Painted
  • Values: $600 - $1000

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*McCoy only made two different versions, but a new collector would be hard pressed to believe that with all the "McCoy" black jars offered for sale online. Do your research before purchasing a jar marked McCoy to be sure it is the real thing!

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