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Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar


Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar

Aunt Jemima Hard Plastic

Barbara Crews

Aunt Jemima was acquired by Quaker Oats in the 1920s and is well known for the many black memorabilia/advertising premiums throughout the years.

  • Mail-in Premium: 1950s
  • Made by: F & F*
  • Material: Hard Plastic
  • Size: 12"
  • Values: $300 - $500
This Aunt Jemima jar had two different skin colors, a dark brown and black. Another Aunt Jemima jar, in soft plastic, was also offered as a mail-in premium after this one, still in 1950s.

*Fiedler and Fiedler Mold and Dieworks

Original Advertisement for Aunt Jemima

The prices shown are suggested ranges only. Prices shown are a combination of book values, online auctions and cookie jar dealers. Many times bargains can be found at online auctions and at other times a bidding war can cause greatly inflated prices, those are not always a true value. Consideration must be taken into account as to when auction was held, images used, condition, category, and description. All of these things can greatly affect the price realized.

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