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The Beginning:

Frank Ransbottom, a successful jobber of stoneware and pottery, decided to started his own company (with his brother) in 1900 to distribute pottery products made locally Ohio. The brothers had been exposed to making pottery by their father, Alfred, who operated the Bluebird Potteries in Ohio. By 1916 the Ransbottom Pottery Company was the largest producer of stoneware jars.

Merged in 1920:

Wanting to diversify, Ransbottom merged with Robinson Clay Products Co, a producer of tile and bricks. The product lines were expanded and included gardenware.

Not Roseville:

Many people have confused Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery with Roseville Pottery because they were
  1. Located in Roseville, Ohio
  2. Many items have the town name (Roseville) as part of the mark.

Products Included:

Garden items, stoneware jars, cookie jars, vases, planters, pet items, bowls, tableware and urns.

Closed in 2005:

After 105 years in business, the company ceased operations in 2005.

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