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Cookie Jar Collectors - Looking at Their Collections, Stories, Recipes

Take a look at these collectors up close and personal, find out the jars that actually inspired baking cookies or the stories behind the collecting.

Favorite Company and Cookie Jars
A recent survey asked collectors what their favorite jar was from a particular company. The following are the results of that survey.

Cookie Jar Memories, Collectors Share!
Many people collect because of their memories and that seems to hold particularly true for cookie jar collectors. Collectors get started because of a jar their mom or grandmother might have had on the kitchen counter. When they see that jar at a flea market -- a new collector is born!

Cookie Recipes and the Jars That Inspired Them
Cookie Jar Collectors DO make Cookies and some even use their favorite jars for the cookies! Here are some recipes from Cookie Jar Collectors and the jars that inspired them.

My Little Red Cookie Cutters
From Bron: "My mother had red plastic cookie cutters when we were (my two younger brothers and I) growing up. She gave me all of them when I got married, and I have kept them and used them, decorating the cookies the same as we used to when I was a little girl".

Billy and His Cookie Jar Guilt
From Bill: "My name is Bill and I am suffering from Broken Cookie Jar Guilt. It is a guilt that my older brother reminds me of every chance he can. Recently, he has reminded me one more time. It is a guilt I've been burdened with for over 40 years".

Cookie Jar Decorating -- Decorating with Humpty Dumpty Jars
Cookie Jar Decorating Ideas -- Using Humpty Dumpty Jars on the Wall

Lane Cookie Jar Gallery
Tom Gilchrist loves Lane cookie jars -- obviously when you take a look at his web site.

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