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GI Price Estimates

Mardi Gras Pony

Picture: Mardi Gras is a custom-painted My Little Pony.

When I asked Veronica for some price estimates, she gave some very good advice.
"Before I do any pricing, please remember that all this is my opinion and that many variants do apply. For example, How bad do you want the Pony? Is this the last Pony you need to complete a section/type of Pony? Where are you in relation to, WOW, gotta get this now?"

If I had the funds, there would be NO LIMIT to my spending to obtain Ponytopia--which is to own any & every Pony ever made. Even with over 1000 Ponies, there are probably a 1000 out there that we do not have. WE need so many more.

Because Hasbro would sometimes re-use pony names, the Pony community came up with their own designations for the Ponies.

  • 1980 - 1991 = GI
  • 1997 - 2000 = G2
  • 2003 - = G3
Estimates of G 1 Ponies (1981-91) G1 ponies "usually" sell for $3-$4 OF course there are always exceptions, but for the most part, the common ones sell for the above amounts.

Exceptions include:

  • Mimic sells pretty high. She is a greenish yellow Unicorn with a red parrot symbol. She can go between $45 - up to $100's.
  • The Ceramic Castle called The Magical Kingdom went for $355 one week on eBay, then the next-for only $35.
  • The little green Baby Boy pony named Leaper can go as high as $35.
  • The Pony my daughter is named after-- Cool Breeze- sells for $35 and up.
  • Mother Love and Baby Set - $100 or more
  • UK Pregnant Pony with her twins - $100 or more
  • The 6 baby Twice as Fancy ponies - $35 + each
  • The 6 Pearly babies - $25 +
  • The 2 Party Babies, Sugar Cake & Game Time $55 +
  • The 2 Baby Sisters Set, Li'l Cupcake & Li'l Sweetcake - $55 +
  • BOY Pony Li'l Clipper - $55 +
  • Coat n' Tails Male adult - $75 +
  • There are also tall, hard plastic horses with wings that sell well at $25 & up.
Male Ponies, there are about 42 Male Ponies including the International Ones. BUT, again you must take this with a grain of salt because in other Countries, they could be male there and female here. And there are adults and babies!
  • U.S.A Male Ponies, Big Brother Ponies If they have their scarves and hats - $35.+
  • INTERNATIONAL Male Ponies, six Mountain Boy Ponies - $65.+ (Ice Crystal seems to be the most sought after.)
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