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Incredible Collectors! What else would you call someone who has over two thousand My Little Pony collectibles. Over a thousand Ponies, along with another 1000 accessories and go-withs. More than enough to fill an entire room.

Mother and daughter collectors, Veronica and Michelle, have so many Ponies that they are thinking of adding an addition at the back of their home to house the huge collection. Guess they could call it The Pony Barn. And with so many ponies, you can imagine their excitement when Hasbro re-introduced the My Little Ponies after a three year hiatus.

Michelle was only three years old when she found her first pony, a yellow Bubbles Pony. She wouldn't let it go of it, so her mom bought it. That was the beginning of the long love affair, the My Little Pony hunt and buying all they can find. They even feel sorry for the pitiful looking ones and adopt them too.

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