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Souvenir Location Snowdomes


Souvenir Location Snowdomes

Souvenir Location Snowdomes

Andy Zito
Picture: Souvenir Location snowdomes from Forts, Caverns, Museums and Famous Homes

This is a photo of one of my bookcase sections with mostly location souvenir snowdomes. The only exception is the large one, top row 2nd from the right, which is one of my favorites; 'The New York Times' which is very scarce, if not rare.

The rest are old tourist sites like 'Betsy Ross House', 'Paul Revere House', 'Mystery Spot Park Jay, N.Y.', 'L.A. Museum', 'Old Fort Niagra, N.Y.', and 'Jesse James HIdeout Meramec Caversn'.

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