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Andy Zito
Picture: These old drums make a nice set. Oklahoma and Minnesota are much less common.

We all know that condition is very important with any collection, but what should a beginning collector know or look for when evaluating an item to buy?
The most important thing a new collector should know is that any expensive snowdome or snowglobe should be free of any breakage, cracks or fading of the inside name plaques (in the case of rare souvenir types).

If a piece is cracked it most likely will no longer hold water, so that would be obvious. If it's not obvious, any person selling a snowdomes should disclose unseen cracks. Also needed for disclosure would be conditions like pieces broken off that are not visible. That said, the older and more rare a snowdome is, the more condition problems can be acceptable.

Any other tips for beginning collectors?

  1. Start collecting with more common examples.
  2. Read the available books.
  3. Old glass globes made in the 1940s through the 1960s with Bakelite bases can be refilled. Cloudy or low water levels that distract from long term appreciation can be restored to original clear and high levels.
  4. Ceramic based snowdomes are more difficult to restore.
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