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Find out more about collectors and companies who really love their stuff. Want to be in the spotlight, let us know!
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Blogs for Collectors
Do you blog about antiques or collectibles? Use this space to tell us about your collecting blog. It can be a personal blog or commercial blog! See submissions

Start Collecting This Week: How to Start Smart!
Start a Vintage Collection: Start Collecting This Week!

Personalities in the Collectibles World
Learn more about the movers and shakers that make up the world of collecting. From book authors, editors, designers to people who make us smile everyday, here are the people I've enjoyed writing about over the years.

CIB's Collectors Choice Award Winner
The winners of CIB's Collectors Choice Awards.

Collectibles Show and Tell
No one can dispute the Internet has changed the world of collecting and collectibles. From the beginning of eBay in the 1990s, online malls to collector's informational websites, it's all been a great adventure. In recent years of Twitter, Facebook and the ease of doing online blogs, it's sometimes hard to find the blog or website you enjoy following. To help, I've developed several forms where y…

Treasure Hunting in the New Mexico Mountains
We've all dreamt of finding that elusive treasure at a garage sale or in a dusty antique shop, but what about getting out and really searching for treasures.

Elva Miranda Biography
Learn more about Elva Miranda, guest author on Collectibles.About.com

The ChemArt Company
Solid brass ornaments created in Rhode Island from ChemArt.

Collectibles, Collections and Collectors
Collecting is a personal thing, look for what you love and enjoy it.

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