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Have you ever thought about an upside-down Christmas tree? Although many people will not consider anything but a traditional Christmas tree, Collectors are a different breed when it comes to Christmas and decorating.

Although upside-down Christmas trees are being touted as the newest and sometimes "strange" thing, they've been around for years and are, in fact, an ancient tradition. It just took a popular retailer like Target to have them online and a few journalists getting crazy about them to create a flurry of news stories.

The bottom line is, when you have hundreds of ornaments, you look for the best ways to display them and an upside down Christmas tree can show them off better than a traditional tree.

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Upside-Down Christmas Tree 2010Joens' Upside-Down Christmas TreeJoens' Upside-Down Christmas Tree 2003Disney Upside-Down Tree - 2001
Flying Breens Upside-Down Christmas TreeMargaret's Upside-Down Christmas Tree - 2002Margaret's Upside-Down Christmas Tree - 2001Margaret's Upside-Down Disney Christmas Tree
Margaret's Disney Tree Close-Ups - 2005 Upside Down White Rotating TreeUpside-Down White Tree
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