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Top 4 Storage Ideas and Picks for Christmas Collectibles


If you're a collector, chances are you have a growing inventory of Christmas items and collectibles. In fact it's probably outgrown just a few small boxes that you can stick in the garage or attic. Which of course you should NOT DO if the items are temperature sensitive, vintage or fragile.

When the collection starts getting large and valuable, it's time to make sure it's safe all year long. Which means proper storage! Here are some ideas and picks for keeping your valuables protected.

1. Ornament Storage Boxes

There are numerous choices, a lot depends on how special you want to treat the ornaments or even how fragile they are. Glass ornaments need to be kept in a temperature controlled environment. Perhaps a bedroom closet might work best for you. Here is an assortment of storage options to give you an idea what's available.
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2. Wing-Lid Ornament Storage Box

This is my absolutely favorite type of storage box and ust about the ONLY kind of storage box I buy anymore -- wing or hinged lids! No more lost or bent lids. Since these can be costly to buy online, also check out places like Sam's Club and Targets.

3. More Ornament Storage Options

There are numerous options for ornament storage boxes with compartment for each specific ornament. These can work well for you collections, especially if your particular pieces aren't too large. My suggestion is check the sizes you need for your individual pieces and compare to the storage options offered. If in doubt, order one box and see if it works well for you.
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4. More Miscellaneous Storage Ideas and Products

You've got the right storage boxes and are ready to pack up your precious antiques and collectibles, but what else do you need? These goodies will help keep your valuables in tip-top shape.
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