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An advent calendar can be as simple as candies on a tree, tiny holiday pictures that are viewed each day before Christmas, fabric wall hangings with a favorite character or a huge replica of the house in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

Find out more about Advent Calendars, prices of vintage calendars or buy a calendar and start a new family tradition this year.

Lego Advent Calendar

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LEGOs are one of those timeless toys that appeal to kids and adults alike. So while the youngsters in your life will enjoy these LEGO Advent calendars, I predict the older family members will get into helping with the assembly.

There are several choices available, including a few from the past years. It won't matter what year the calendar is from, it just depends on what one best fits the family.

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Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

A great store with a large variety of advent calendars -- probably the largest selection online. Prices range from under $5. to over $100., obviously something for every budget. It makes it affordable to get an advent calendar for each family member. Chocolate treats for everyone!

Chocolate Advent Calendars

If you have a chocolate loving family, perhaps one calendar for each member of the family is in order. That little piece of candy is just too small to share! Pick from Marvel characters, Barbie, Santa's Workshop and even a huge German candy calendar with a variety of chocolates.
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Dylan Candy Cottage

A big splurge would be the large Dylan Candy Cottage. It's made of wood and super cute, but it's a bit disappointing that the 24 pieces of candy total less than 5 ounces!

Kurt Adler Musical Calendar

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I love the way this calendar looks with the little figures around the house that come to life as the doors are opened. Santa Claus is Coming to Town is the musical part on this battery operated advent calendar.
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Christmas Tree Advent Calendars

If you have a spot on the wall, consider these advent calendars in the shape of Christmas trees. The quilted tree is another splurge, but this one is a quilted wall hanging.
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Animated Computer Advent Calendar

A digital Advent Calendar from the very talented Jacquie Lawson website. Every day a new animation appears until the big day. Order a few for your friends, prices go lower the more you order. They're quite affordable, starting at $3. for one, price drops to $2. each when five are ordered.

More Christmas Advent Calendars

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Here's dozens more advent calendars to choose from!

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