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Christmas Antiques and Collectibles

If you are a Christmas collector in general or are looking for something very specific, these are the sites for you.
  1. Advent Calendars (4)
  2. Antique Christmas Collecting (16)
  3. Christmas Jars & Shakers (5)
  4. Christmas Resources (10)
  5. Christmas Trees (42)
  6. Companies: No Longer in Business (7)
  7. Crafting for Christmas (9)
  8. Glass Ornaments (95)
  9. Golden Glow of Christmas (5)
  10. Hallmark (14)
  11. Nativity Sets (10)
  12. Nutcracker Collecting (8)
  13. Santa Claus Collecting (19)
  14. Themed Christmas Ornaments (10)

Christmas Collectors
Everyday is Christmas for these collectors, check out these fabulous collections.

Collecting Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
He's everyone's favorite reindeer and especially Scott Luedtke. He has over 2500 of the little guys. With all those red noses, Santa shouldn't have any problem finding Scott's house.

The Christmas Gardens
Mixing dinosaurs, farm animals and even zoo animals all together in one scene is not that unusual for a Christmas Garden.

The Christmas Putz
The Pennsylvania Germans celebrate the nativity by creating a Putz. It can be elaborate or simple, but it always contains the Nativity scene.

Ino Schaller Santa Collection
The fabulous collection of paper-mache Ino Schaller Santas courtesy of collector Sandy G.

Sandy, Christmas Collector Extraordinaire
Take a look at some of the fabulous pieces from Sandy G, truly a collector extraordinaire.

G. DeBrekht Artistic Studios -- Made in the USA
In business for over 22 years, this year will bring a new change to the US based company. The creative production is now being brought to the US with over 70 American artists.

Collecting Reproduction Dresdens
Not many folks can afford the real thing, when that's the case think about reproduction Dresdens.

Blow Mold Values and Prices
Collecting those tacky Christmas Blow Molds? Guilty here. I love them!

Collecting the Unusual for Christmas
Christmas is not only about elaborate or cute Santas and whimsical snowmen, think outside the box and find those unusual items. Get back to the fun of collecting, by making it a personal challenge to find those elusive pieces.

The New LED Christmas Lights
Energy saving LED Christmas lights have been on the scene for several years, but until the last year they've left a lot to be desired.

All About Christmas
Collecting Holiday goodies is one of the most popular forms of collecting, with numerous sub-categories that include antique, new and handcrafted pieces.

Ornaments, Santas, Angels, Nativities can be found in all price ranges and stores ranging from Walmart to Neiman Marcus. In fact it's a little too easy to get carried away with Christmas collecting with so many choices. New or old, find the …

Christmas Decorating: It's Your Grandmother's Christmas
Christmas Decorating: It's Your Grandmother's Christmas

Connie's Holiday Displays
Decorating for the Holidays using Antiques and newer collectibles.

The Christmas Collectibles Index Image Gallery
Image gallery of popular Christmas collectibles including Radko, Breen, Old World, Lynn Haney and more.

The A to Z of Holiday Links
The A to Z of holiday links and articles.

Tom Smith and the History of the Christmas Cracker
What do you know about the Christmas Cracker, does the name Tom Smith mean anything to you? It should!

Christmas Cracker Images from Tom Smith
Learn more about the history of the Christmas Cracker from Peter Kimpton, the King of the Christmas Cracker.

Collecting Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Collecting Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Tacky Christmas Decorations
What's your tackiest christmas decoration? How about an inflatable outhouse?

Christmas Collecting
A small collection of antique santa claus toys

About Department 56
Does anything shout Christmas more than the villages of Department 56, probably not.

The Golden Glow of Christmas Past
The Golden Glow is an active association of lovers of all things antique Christmas.

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