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Holy Collector, Batman!


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Growing Up With Batman
Holy Collector, Batman!

Along with many other children growing up in the 1960s, Alan Daniel fell in love with the original Batman television show, starring Adam West. The popularity of the show spawned an explosion of toys and merchandise, which Alan then began to acquire.

His favorite childhood toy was the Batman utility belt, which he received for Christmas in 1966. Unfortunately, this was the kind of toy that was so fun that it got more than its fair share of use, and didn’t end up lasting long. Thirty-six years later, as a Batman memorabilia collector, Alan was able to replace the utility belt that he enjoyed so much as a child. "It was a really well-done toy, as were many of the Ideal® toys. As a collector, this was my Holy Grail, and I found it on eBay in 2002. It is in great condition, and still in the box."

The belt is only one piece of Alan’s collection, which includes over 250 pieces of Batman memorabilia. He focuses on products made in the 1960s, specifically 1966, which was the year the Batman television show debuted. Other pieces in his collection include tin Batmobiles, the Aladdin® lunchbox, trading cards, Halloween costumes, Captain Action? and other action figures, Marx® bagatelles and shooting galleries, board games, buttons, flicker rings, original art, Aurora models and more. And, of course, Alan also has the comic books. Alan began collecting Batman products about 16 years ago, and now picks up about four pieces a month.

"Collecting from the 1960s is a fun frontier; there is always the possibility of a new and exciting item that you’ve never seen before. With the toys, there’s the perpetual childish excitement of discovery, you never know what you can still find."

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