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This list includes samplings of prices realized throughout the year at online auctions, including Disney comic book art, links to single auctions, etc.

Although many factors lead to the price a comic book will sell for at an auction, these links should give you an idea for comparisions and market values.

Comic Prices: Speciality Auction Houses

Action Comic #1
When selling those high-dollar comic books, the best money is usually realized at a specialty auction house, such as Hake's or Heritage Auction Galleries. Why? Auctions are well publicized and most buyers trust the auction galleries which document the items for sale. Lots of great pictures of those valuable comics.

Original Comic Art Auction Prices

Hake's Americana & Collectibles
Is there anything better than the original art that was used to create the comics we love? Check out the prices and pictures of the artwork sold at auctions over the past few years.

Comic Book Prices from eBay

Find out what comics sold for at online auctions, all auctions had multiple bidders with comics in good to excellent condition. This is a lengthy section of sold prices.

eBay Comic Book Barometers

Although eBay no longer issues their monthly Top Ten Barometers, this list will gives a snapshot of the online auction's Top Ten comic book sales from April 2004 through August 2005.

Interesting Single Lot Prices

Comic Books on About

About's own Comic Book site is your one-stop spot for everything Comic Books!

More Comic Prices Around the Web

Check out these auction houses and sites around the web for more information on comic book prices.

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