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Village D-Lights, A Publication for Village Enthusiasts

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Village D-Lights, A Publication for Village Enthusiasts Pioneer Communications

The Bottom Line

If you just stick up a few buildings on the mantel or sofa table, Village D-Lights isn't for you. But if you want power -- want to create cities and towns or to create that perfect neighborhood we all wished we lived in. Then this is the magazine for you.


  • Fills a void when trying to figure out the worth of various villages
  • Lots of instructions, ideas and hints
  • Enjoyed the advertising, found vendors I was not aware of and will contact


  • Publication is a little on the thin side..


  • Full color publication, published bi-monthly.
  • Reads and feels like a friendly approachable publication.
  • How-to's range from simple to complex.
  • 2005 is the first year of publication.

Guide Review - Village D-Lights, A Publication for Village Enthusiasts

Great pictures, lots of how-tos, fun articles and ideas galore. That about sums up Village D-Lights, a bi-monthly publication from Pioneer Communications. The magazine has a friendly feeling of community, with pictures of displays submitted by readers, as well as numerous comments from readers throughout the magazine.

A recent issue had an article on animating parts of a village, as well as animating coordinating Hallmark ornaments. Whew. It's a little beyond my skill level, but I also know a lot of folks who would view this as a fun challenge.

The same issue had a how-to on creating a glass ball ornament wreath, a simple project that anyone could easily tackle. This along with the 'Just so You Know!' an idea and tip column, a Q & A column, Collector Spotlight, reviews and Gathering reports makes it a publication that a village collector will delight in and read from cover to cover.

Subscription price is $27. for six issue.
1-800-352-8039 or CIB

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