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sugar cookie murder
Courtesy of Kensington Publishing
Updated August 29, 2004
Sugar Cookie Murder, the new Hannah Swensen mystery, is set in Minnesota in early December at the first Christmas Party of the season. It's a potluck dinner at the Lake Eden Community Center and you've probably guessed this already... every dish that's mentioned in the mystery has a corresponding recipe in the back of the book! (At last! Edna Ferguson's Not-So-Swedish Meatballs, Delores' E-Z Lasagna, Andrea's Holiday Jell-O-Mold and Hannah's Chocolate Sunshine Cake.)

The holidays are the icing on the cake for bakery owner Hannah Swensen. Surrounded by her loved ones, she has all the ingredients for a perfect Christmas -- until murder is added to the mix.

When it comes to the holidays, Minnesotans rise to the occasion - and the little town of Lake Eden is baking up a store with Hannah leading the way. The annual Christmas buffet is the final test of the recipes Hannah has collected for the Lake Eden Holiday Buffet Cookbook.

While Hannah is baking the day's cookies at The Cookie Jar, the evening's plans begin to jell. Start with the best Lake Eden culinary creations, add two of Hannah's "sometime" boyfriends, a pinch of her ready-to-pop pregnant sister, and a dash of her mother and new significant other, an actual British lord, and what do you get? A recipe for disaster, but the juiciest ingredient is yet to come.

The recently divorced Martin Dubinski arrives at the buffet with his new Vegas showgirl wife - all wrapped in glitter and fur. His ex-wire, however, seems as cool as chilled eggnog. And when Hannah's mother's antique Christmas cake knife disappears, its discover in the decolletage of the new - and now late - Mrs. Dubinski puts the festivities on ice.

With everyone stranded at the community center by a blizzard, Hannah puts her investigate skills to the test, using the ingredients at hand: half the town of Lake Eden - and a killer. Now, as the snowdrifts get higher, it's up to Hannah to dig out all the clues - and make sure that this white Christmas doesn't bring any more deadly tidings.

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