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Early American Life
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If you love being inspired by interior decor, heritage crafts, American history or antiques, Early American Life will most likely appeal to you. The magazine is filled with pictures to tantalize, intrigue and things wish we owned.

Published every two months, with a bonus Christmas issue, the magazine is more affordable than similar publications. The advertisements alone are worth the cost of the subscription, as I found resources to numerous companies that are useful to both collectors and antiquers.

The Christmas Issue

Although I've subscribed on a yearly basis, it's the Christmas issue that I must have. Published as a bonus issue and available in mid - to early September, the magazine showcases the best in traditional American Holiday art.

The 2012 issue (shown above) has an amazing display and article of Kugels, the first Christmas ornaments. The pictures will make you want to go start your own collection, but alas it would take many years to build up a collection like the one shown.

Several other homes are showcased in this issue, including a home in the Catskills and a midwestern beauty with a superb collection of Belsnickels.

A Bountiful Table

A re-creation of a typical Yuletide feast of a well-to-do British descent family in 1788 is displayed, along with suggestions for similar foods in the menu. Although the pictures in the magazine are not real foods, they still look quite appetizing. I'm just not sure how the family would like it if I attempted the Wild Boars Head roast, sauce recipe is included!

Traditional Crafts

Included in the Christmas issue are several traditional craft projects to create, including:
  • a silhouette ornament
  • tinsel trimmings -- glass flowers with tin foil enhancements
  • a wooden carved stackable snowman
  • cross-stitched tulip ornament
  • carved hedgehog ornament

Holiday Directory

Finishing up the Christmas issue is the holiday directory. The artists in this section must love to be included in the company of the others shown. Santas, dolls, witches, paintings, pottery and cloth crafts are all incredibly well-done pieces.

The Bottom Line

The Christmas issue is only one small part of this magazine, but it gives the reader an idea of how excellent a publication this is.

Find it on the new stand (found mine at Barnes and Noble) from September through early December, or subscribe to the publication and get it without fail every September!

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