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Best Books for Collecting

If you love to collect, you also probably have at least a few books on collecting. There are books with prices, books with ideas and loads of resource books that will tell you more about your hobby. I love checking out the new books that come out -- check them out here.
  1. Books: Everything Else! (6)
  2. Books: Toys, Dolls, Bears (13)
  3. Christmas/ Halloween Books (10)
  4. General Price Guides (6)
  5. Hannah Swensen Books (8)
  6. Judith Miller's Books/More (9)
  7. Pottery, Ceramics, Glass (14)
  8. Specialized Price Guides (15)
  9. The Kovels (8)

Heritage Magazine for The Intelligent Collector
A really nice, high quality magazine for collectors, produced by Heritage

Joseph Cornell's Manual of Marvels
A lost book and work of art discovered after the artist passed away has now been recreated for others to see and enjoy.

Early American Life
Early American Life is a feast for the eyes -- especially the Christmas issue.

Siz Things that Can Ruin Your Book Collection
If you're a book collector, taking good care of them is one way to be sure they keep their values.

Fresh American Spaces
An Interior Design book for that is perfect for collectors and those who just want a new look for their stuff.

Found, Free & Flea
I'm so envious of the author of this book and their place in Wisconsin. It's filled treasures that only a collector could love.

Living With What You Love
Living with what you love -- one of the best books out on decorating with collectibles!

Good, Better, Best -- Trade Secrets for Spotting a Find
A Book review of Good, Better, Best -- Trade Secrets for Spotting a Find

Junk Beautiful
If your style is best described as a mix between flea market and tag sale chic, this is the book for you.

Book Review: Saving Stuff
Saving Stuff -- How to care for and preserve your collectibles, heirlooms and other prized possessions

Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2012
Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2012, 45th edition.

Celebrate 365 - Collecting for the holidays
A quarterly magazine for those interested in all things holiday - Celebrate 365

Warman's Costume Jewelry Figurals
Warman's Costume Jewelry Figurals

Book Collector? Check out the Friends of the Library Sale in OKC
Hours before the doors opened the parking lot was full with cars from different states. Folks were already lining up surrounded by empty shopping carts, boxes and plastic bins on luggage carts. Anyone who has been there before was prepared, but the cleverest was someone who came with a few dozen flat cardboard boxes and a roll of shipping tape.

Index of Collectible Books and Price Guides
Index of Collectible Books and Price Guides

Form, Fun and Functional Books for Collectors
Tips, pictures and ideas on decorating with Collections, a well as best spots to find those decorative collectibles.

Learn More About Book Collecting and Resources
Book collectors often are drawn into their hobby by their love of reading, finding an author or genre that they are drawn too and then looking for more and better books on the subject.

Profile of a Book Collector
There's usually a reason someone starts to collect something, often it's the result of something triggered in childhood. That's the case for our guest author too!

Collecting Books
How do you collect books? Do you think they must be wonderful copies or expensive first editions? Not always.

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