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From @Quid:
@Quid (www.atquid.com) is a unique online community for antiques, vintage & art object enthusiasts. While at first glance the content of @Quid may resemble some of the existing antique and collector's websites, the approach is quite different in two important ways. Firstly, social interaction is a central focus. @Quid provides a platform, which allows collectors to freely connect and share their passion for antiques, vintage and art objects via videos, photos and blog entries. @Quid is about building a global community of collectors, and developing friendly as well as productive ties between them. Collectors are able to reach out to likeminded people, as well as preserve and communicate their often extensive specialized knowledge. The site offers fully interactive features and networking tools.

Secondly, @Quid clusters many different collection areas and interests, all within a single place. Since collectors often are interested in more than one area, collect more than one type of object, on @Quid they can present and share all their interests together... as well as discover new ones.

@Quid also aims to be a repository for the vast body of knowledge that currently lies fragmented between all of us collectors. In the form of "Qunol", @Quid offers a kind of Wiki where individuals can build their own expert reputation by sharing and preserving their particular knowledge; "How to Guides" allows you to find or publish tips, tricks and expertise helpful to other collectors; "Ask - Answer" and the "Forums" permit to ask specific questions and receive the answers you need.

While @Quid is still relatively new and relies on collectors and enthusiasts to make it their home, it has the ambition to become the place on the Internet where collectors and enthusiasts share their passion, connect and network as well as find free, complete knowledge about antiques, objects of art, collectibles and vintage items.

Website: @Quid

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