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Black / Native American Memorabilia

Collecting Black Memorabilia is a very personal decision. Some collectors collect to help remember the past, others like to specialize in current items. Whatever the reason to collect, there is a wealth of items and it doesn't hurt if you also have some of that wealth. Beware vintage Black Memorabilia can be a costly hobby!

Southwestern Collections
It's a region, it's a life style, a menu of foods and a range of collecting from western to Native American art.

Kachina Dolls Values
The Kachina dolls were not toys, but instead were used as educational tools/representations of the spirits.

The Story of the White Buffalo
The legend of the White Buffalo and the importance in Native America legends.

Collecting the White Buffalo
What to look for when collecting white buffalo art work and collectibles.

Native American pottery can really bring out the collectors when the good pieces show up at auction, but if you're interested in starting to collect, do you know what to look for?

Indian Blankets at Auction
A real rag to riches story, while watching Antiques Roadshow an amazing discovery is made.

Memory Jug
I love finding unusual items at the Flea Market. I already had an idea of what this was, but don't know too much about it.

Black Memorabilia Resources
Collecting Black Memorabilia is a very personal decision. If you decide to collect, there is a wealth of items to choose from.

Black Memorabila Picture Gallery
A picture gallery of Black Memorabilia includes cast iron bank, black cookie jars and toys.

Collecting Black Memorabilia
To be considered a black collectible, it must be made in the image of a black person or made by a black artist.

Collecting Black Memorabilia: A Chat with Roger Lewis
What advice would you give to collectors who want to get into collecting Black Memorabilia? Any lower-end items they should look for?

Black Memorabilia: Comparing Old vs Fake Mammy Banks
When something becomes a hot collectible, reproductions are sure to follow. Compare the real vs the fake Mammy bank.

Respecting Tradition and Sacred Culture in Collectible Objects
Respecting the traditions and cultures of others if always an important part of building a collection. This article will give you some guidelines on the dos and don'ts of collecting Native American art.

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