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Care Bears 25th Anniversary


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Celebrating 25 Years of Care Bears
Care Bears 25th Anniversary

Care Bears 2007

American Greetings

In 2001 Care Bears made a comeback after being in hibernation for years. They were only one of the retro toys that have made a successful comeback in recent times. Think My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake!

American Greetings was smart to bring them back, they've sold over 70 million bears since 2002!

Oopsy Does It
2007 will spotlight Care Bears Cheer, Share, Funshine and Grumpy, plus the new addition Oopsy Bear who debuts in a full length film, "Oopsy Does It" in August. (Oopsy is the middle bear in the picture.)

Watch for the special limited edition Commemorative 25th Anniversary Care Bear, a silver and white plush Care Bear, that will be showing up later this year.

And if you're all grown up, but still love these cute guys -- limited edition anniversary silver jewelry and keepsakes will be sold exclusively at specialty retailers.

How about a new Thanksgiving Day Parade float? This year a new Care Bear float will launch a three-year retail program with Macy's. With other 100 new licenses and exclusives being developed, I would assume Macy's will have a share of Care Bear exclusives as part of this program.

Bottom Line
If you loved these guys in the eighties, there will be lots of new ways to share your love with the youngsters in your life this year. New bears, lots of merchandise, a new film and limited edition jewelry for you!

Source: American Greetings

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