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From standing in long lines in the 1990s for the latest Beanie Babies to the surplus of Beanies today, the bottom line is they're still collectible. But you're not going to sell your kids to college on the proceeds. Unless of course you have a few sets of the originals, which might pay for a few years worth of books.

1. Ty Beanie Babies, Twenty Years Later

Barb Crews
It's hard to believe it's been twenty years since Beanie Babies first burst open the toy and collectibles scene. They weren't instantly popular, but they did wind up being popular for a long time. And still are, just not to the wild collecting crazy extent they once were.

2. 8 Uses for Old Beanie Babies

You can't sell them, your kids or grandkids don't want any more. So what do you do with those bins of Beanies you have in the closet? Explore a few ideas, some crafty, some not of what to do with all those cheap, but still cute critters.

3. FAQ - Where should I sell my Beanie Babies?

FAQ: I have quite a few of mint condition Beanie Babies, who can I sell them to for the best price for me?

4. Beanie Babies: eBay Sold Prices

Courtesy of Ty Collector

5. Ty Supports America's Men and Women in Uniform

100% of the profits from the sales of the HERO Beanie Baby went to the USO (United Service Organizations).

6. Roger Federer Beanie Baby

Federer Beanie
Photo ©ATP
He's not only ranked number one in the tennis world and known as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador -- he's known to Ty Beanie Baby collectors as the Feder-Bear!

7. Patriotic Beanie Bears

Barb Crews
A small sampling of some of the Patriotic (USA) Beanie Baby bears from Ty.

8. 1999 - It Wasn't Really the End!

Barb Crews
Although this is old news and it's amazing how much has been forgotten, this article is being kept up as reference material. A look back to when folks were really Beanie Crazy.

9. A Look Back at Ty Lawsuits

Don't use the word Beanie! "We are in the process of re-naming the "Toys and Beanies Plush" category to "Toys and Bean Bag Plush." was the announcement from eBay in June of 1999.

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