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There is more to the Internet than eBay, but that would be hard to prove to many collectors. Although eBay is always a good option to selling or buying your stuff, there are numerous other resources available. From online malls to garage sales -- there are always places to find or sell your treasures.
  1. What's It Worth?
  2. Ways to Sell Your Collection
  3. Packing and Shipping
  4. Shopping at Flea Market and Antique Shows
  1. Garage Sales are an Option
  2. Selling Tips
  3. Buy or Sell on eBay

What's It Worth?

Find something new to add to your collection? Not sure how much it's worth? Find out more on researching values, check online price guides and auction prices realized.

Ways to Sell Your Collection

You've changed your focus, run out of space, tired of dusting or just need the money. Whatever the reason, it's time to lose the collection. But how?

If you're not in a hurry selling items individually will usually bring higher prices than if selling the entire collection as a group, which is also more difficult. Selling the collection individually can also pay off if you have rare pieces that are sought after by collectors.

The downside: it takes more time and effort than one realizes.

Packing and Shipping

Is it breakable? Obviously that's the first thing you should ask yourself when packing and shipping off antiques and collectibles. Even if something isn't glass or ceramic, it certainly can be broken or crushed in shipping. Plastics, tin, wood can all be ruined if not packed and cushioned carefully.

Shopping at Flea Market and Antique Shows

There is nothing quite like finding a treasure in person. Online auctions just don't let you experience holding the piece in your hands, carefully examining it and haggling the price in person. Antique, Collectible Shows and Flea Markets vary across the country. All three can have treasures or trash -- sometimes you just have to dig deep to find those hidden jewels.

Garage Sales are an Option

It might be the last resort, but many times selling stuff at a well organized and advertised garage sale can put more money in your pocket than selling on eBay.

Selling Tips

It doesn't matter whether you sell your stuff online, at an antique mall or even at a garage sale, there are basic things every would-be seller should do.

Buy or Sell on eBay

Are you one of those folks who are hesitant about buying on eBay? The one problem I have is -- it's much too easy. Because it's so easy, many collectors don't always pay attention to the fine print on listings. Read it!

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