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Buying / Selling Online: Auctions, Malls, eBay, Selling Tips

There is more to the Internet than eBay, but it would be hard to prove to many collectors. Take a look around the numerous resources available to collectors, making it easier than ever to buy or sell an item. But for those who love to touch and feel, check out the flea markets to see if there is one that will be showing up in your travels.
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Beginners Guide: Start Collecting!
The beginners guide to collecting, what to buy to start a collection.

Online Malls, Are They for You?
There are numerous ways and places to sell and buy merchandise. By all means, check out the various auctions, as well as Amazon Marketplace. But if you are more than just a seller, if you are a DEALER look at the online malls. There are lots of options and shopping around will help decide the best mall for you. As a dealer using all available options (online mall, individual website and auctions)…

What do I Have, What's it Worth?
Is a question I get several times a week. Here are a few simple tips that I use to figure out what stuff might be worth.

Bonanzle - Buying and Selling Online
Bonanzle another venue for buyers and sellers of collectibles

Collecting Methods and Investing in Historical Artifacts
Collecting Methods and Investing in Historical Artifacts

How to Get Top Dollar for Your Collectibles
Getting the best price depends on the venue chosen, e.g. don't sell autographs on a site that is heavy into toys or vice-versa. Do some research and find out where your type of collectors are hanging out and where they are buying.

Liquidating an Antique Medical Collection
Options to Sell and Liquidate Your Collection

Twenty Gifts for Under $20.
It's not hard to find inexpensive gifts for holiday gifting in the antiques and collecting world. Take a look at some of my suggestions for great gifts for little money. One of the most important part of any of these gifts is telling the story, if applicable, along with the gift. e.g. Tell the recipient about the company that made it or how to...

Auctioneer$ on TLC
Auctioneers Television Show on TLC

Bidding Live at the Auction House
I've often wondered how the logistics work when a live auction has several different formats. Now I know.

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