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Kaleidoscope Christmas Tree Skirt


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Kaleidoscope Christmas Tree Skirt, Ties Recycled
Kaleidoscope Christmas Tree Skirt
©Chicago Lost and Found
What would you do with a bag of old men's ties? There are lots of ways to use them, but none quite as stunning as this piece designed by Mitch Pennell. As someone who loves to create, I love a challenge and enjoy coming up with new ideas, but the idea, design and execution of this amazing piece of art literally took my breath away.

What do Paula Deen, Trisha Yearwood, and Ellen DeGeneres have in common? They all have a Kaleidoscope Christmas tree skirt created and offered for sale by Chicago Lost and Found.

The Christmas tree skirt is fashioned from discarded men's ties, each skirt requiring over 250 individual pattern pieces meticulously put together. The diamond shapes are graduated from small to larger as they go out to the edges of the skirt. There are over 300 seams on the luxuriously lined piece.

Mitch, founder and creative director of Chicago Lost and Found, explains the tree skirt was originally designed as an audition project for a television show. He has an enormous collection of glass ornaments and never had a beautiful skirt that was worthy of his collection. When he was given a bag of old ties by a friend, he came up with the idea of making a Christmas tree skirt.

Originally it was going to be a crazy quilt design. "As I deconstructed the ties, I realized how important they had been to someone at one time. These ties had been to important events, weddings, engagements and power meetings. How sad they were tossed to the side as worthless, so I felt the design had to represent the shape of the tie. That's how the diamond pattern began. As all design process goes, one thing opened the door to the next and as I drafted the pattern, I saw the circular motion created by the graduated diamonds. This pattern reminded me of one of my favorite childhood toys, a Spirograph which I happen to have one on hand at the time. I got out the plastic wheels and within minutes had a small scale version of what is now the perfected design."

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