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M & M Toppers

M & M Toppers

Ginny Wolfe
The story is told in many online and in books, but to recap, M & M's were first sold to American soldiers in 1941 after Mars Sr. met Spanish soldiers eating hard sugar-encased chocolate candies during the Spanish Civil War. He came home, developed the recipe and the product was sold to American soldiers as a snack that traveled well and easily in all climates. At the time the candies were packaged in cardboard tubes. By the late forties they were a popular candy with the public and the packaging changed to brown paper bag we still know today. The M & M characters were first introduced in 1954, on TV in 1972 and are more popular than ever today. The clever and funny commercials really catch the eye and make us identify with the different guys, like feeling sorry for Orange and laughing at Red's antics!

Every holiday season will see tons of M & M merchandise being sold at discount and department stores, as well as online in the M & M official store. And I do mean every holiday season, Halloween, Valentine's Day as well as Christmas. The Internet has been kind to M & M collectors as they now can easily buy the products from around the world. Toppers are particularly popular, as well as the candy dispensers, plush figures, pins and ceramic ware. The M & M online store has merchandise for every room in your house and if you are in Las Vegas, it's a must visit!

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