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Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits have been sold since around 1912 and over the years several fun premiums have been offered to the public through mail-in offers that are very tempting to dog lovers. There have also been various (non-dog food) Milk-Bone products such as dog toys, tins and licensed fabrics available in local stores.

Since Milk-Bone and dog biscuits are synonymous in the Crews household (yes, we are owned by a few Schipperkes) it's been hard to pass up some of the great premiums that have been offered over the years.

Mail-in premiums include:

  • Christmas ornament
  • Dr. Spot a stuffed dog by Russ
  • ceramic magnets
  • assorted tins
  • dog dishes
  • ID tags
  • dog trading cards
  • cookie jars!
As a cookie jar collector the Milk-Bone dog biscuit jars always get my attention. No surprise there, advertising goodies have always been my passion and it doesn't get much better than an advertising cookie jar!
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Milk-Bone Dog HouseThe Milk-Bone Biscuit JarMilk-Bone Crock Cookie JarPersonalized Milk-Bone Cookie Jar
Milk-Bone Box Holiday Ornament
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