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Coca Cola on the Home Shopping Network

Coca Cola Pillows*

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From the first sale of a 112 electric can openers in 1977 to the three billon dollar business it is today, HSN, the Home Shopping Network has come a very long way. This hit home watching television this week, when a commercial really caught my eye. How often does that happen? I watched it, waiting for more information, when the closing sentences were something along the lines of "available on HSN". It was intriguing enough to make me to pick up the laptop and start poking around the HSN website.

The product advertised on the commercial were Coca Cola collectibles!

There are so many products for Coke on HSN it appears that every room in the house and many parts of your body can be covered in something Coke. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but lots of stuff available for both collectors and decorators.

Recycled glass bottle pieces are used to create pendants and earrings. I'd like these even if I didn't realize it was Coca Cola bottle glass.

A few dozen shirts and hats are being offered. Along with other personal items such as lip glosses, evening evening (can) clutches, iPhone cases - fun Coke branded accessories.

For the true Coke aficionado, there are bed sheets to sleep on, placemats to dine on and stools to sit on.

Home Shopping Network offers a few exclusives such as a Coca Cola Christmas tree skirt that would be perfect for those that do a Coca Cola tree-- I know several collectors that have one. But I am really not too sure about the fiber optic wall-hanging tapestry, I'll pass on that one.

Bottom Line
Quite a few of the items are also available for sale elsewhere, but for the HSN fan, the free shipping and ability to space payments out, make their company an attractive option. Especially when buying a $400. table set or a $499. bicycle.

Are these items collectibles, Coca Cola collector would certainly consider them as such. Unfortunately in the long run, many of these items will not appreciate in value or even hold at the price paid, but that doesn't always matter.

If you love Coca Cola stuff and want to decorate parts of your home with the bright red logos and design, go for it. If you need a table or a couple of stools, it might as well be a Coke one!

More on Coca Cola Collecting
If you've started picking up the new stuff, the recent licensed items found online or in discount stores, take some time and investigate the great vintage and antique Coca Cola pieces. Although some Coke stuff can be quite expensive for beginners, think small and find stuff that really appeals to you. Perhaps items that are a bit harder to find, but are still in your budget. Always purchase the best condition you can find and afford.

Remember that if you do decide to sell later on down the line, condition will always be important in the eyes of the buyer.

Read a few books on what to look for, learn the difference between fake, fantasy and reproduction Coca Cola collectibles. Mix and match the new Coke stuff with the old vintage pieces and start building an interesting collection.

* The two pillows pictured above are identical, both sides are shown. They come as a set of two, sold exclusively on HSN.com for $29.95.

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