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According to Hake's Guide to Advertising Collectibles, Mr. Peanut was chosen after a company-sponsored contest in 1916. Of course, he has gone through several updates since that time, but he has become more noticeable again on TV commercials and a great moving billboard in Times Square. Mr. Peanut collectibles consist of books, posters, jars, pins, dolls, silverware, banks, watches, and salt/pepper sets.

Note: Mr. Peanut has his share of reproductions and fantasy items. Watch out for anything made by "McCoy", as the company never made a Mr. Peanut jar or bank. Glass counter jars have also been both reproduced and faked. (Fantasy items that were never made by Planters) Make sure you know what you're buying and do the homework before spending money on an item you are not familiar with.

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  1. Planters Circus TinPlanters Circus Tin
  2. Planters Pennant Brand TinPlanters Pennant Brand Tin
  3. Mr. Peanut Cookie JarBenjamin Medwin Mr. Peanut Jar
  4. Wooden Planters Mr. Peanut TopWooden Planters Mr. Peanut Top
  5. Planters Mr. Peanut Canoe BoxPlanters Mr. Peanut Canoe Box
  6. Planters Peanut Mr. Peanut Shipping BoxPlanters Peanut Mr. Peanut Shipping Box
  7. Mr. Peanut Candy DishMr. Peanut Candy Dish
  8. Planters Mr. Peanut ClockPlanters Mr. Peanut Clock
  9. Planters Metal Toy TruckPlanters Metal Toy Truck
  10. Planters Mr. Peanut StatuePlanters Mr. Peanut Statue
  11. Planters Porcelain Mr. Peanut SignPlanters Porcelain Mr. Peanut Sign
  12. Planters Mr. Peanut Wind-Up WalkerPlastic Planters Peanut Mr. Peanut Wind-Up Walker
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