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Christmas Advent Calendars


Do you remember the anticipation of finding the right numbered frame and opening the tiny window in the countdown to Christmas? It was a tradition in our house growing up, the problem was there were six kids and one calendar! Today it's a little different, the traditional paper calendars are still readily available, but you can also get themed calendars, permanent calendars, licensed calendars and more. Something for everyone!

The History of the Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Bronners
Although some form of Advent calendars has been used for over 150 years, President Eisenhower helped the tradition grown in the United States during his term of office in the 1950s. Find out more about how they first appeared and just how many days are included in the countdown, 24 or 25.

Jacquie Lawson's Animated Desktop Calendar

We absolutely love Jacquie's subscription-based animated cards. They're clever and beautifully illustrated. But she takes it to a whole new level with the animated Advent calendars for your computer. This year's version is a fictional Alpine village, the third year the company has been creating the calendar. After a simple download, each day brings a new treasure and animation to enjoy. I think the adults enjoy these calendars even more than the kids.

Each Advent calendar is $3.00, but there are discounts for multiple purchases, with prices as low as $2.00 for ten copies. We gifted them to friends, nieces and nephews. Big spenders for $20!

Buy an Advent Calendar

An advent calendar can be as simple as candies on a tree. Other varieties include tiny holiday pictures that are viewed each day before Christmas, fabric wall hangings with a favorite character, trains with windows that open or heirloom quality calendars that will be in your family for decades to come.

Buy a calendar and start a new family tradition this year.

Advent Calendar Prices and Values

Advent calendars are made in many forms, from the vintage paper/cardboard stock to fabric, wood and plastic creations of today. Shown is a sampling of prices realized for vintage Advent calendars, sources include both online auctions and Internet stores. Because of the way they were made and used, vintage calendars can be hard to find.

Advent Calendars on the Web

  • Sellmer's Calendar Museum
    An informative site with pictures of several 1950s calendars, including reproductions that can be purchased.
  • Bronner's Advent Calendars
    Almost four dozen calendars to choose from on Bronner's web site, a favorite Christmas stop of mine.

Making Your Own Advent Calendar

Our family has had the same calendar for over thirty years. Back in the '70s we bought a handmade wooden tree calendar at a local crafts show. The calendar consists of a wooden tree, with individual wooden handpainted ornaments to hang on the tree. At the time the crafter painted each little piece to order, for instance one daughter played soccer, so there was a soccer ball. Two different cats were painted to look like the family pets. It's not only an heirloom, it's a look back at what our family was interested in over thirty years ago.

Interested in making your own Advent calendar? The About Guides have lots of ideas on how to make your own calendar.

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