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Insurance for Antiques and Collectibles - Insuring Collections
You've spent years and a lot of money on your collections - but have you thought about insurance? What happens if something happens to your collection?
Insuring Your Antiques and Collectibles - About.com
You've spent years and a lot of money on your collection - but have you thought about insurance? What happens if something happens to your collection?
Are Your Collectibles Insured? - About.com
According to Laura Bergan of American Collectors Insurance, insurance policies should be reviewed annually and if you have collections, check to see if those ...
Safes, Security and Insurance for Coin Collections - Coins - About.com
Protecting your coin collection from fire and thieves is a priority for any serious coin collector. Investing in the correct amount of insurance, security equipment ...
How to Insure Your Action Figure Collection - Action Figures - About ...
An appraisal from a certified antiques appraiser will go a long way when attempting to insure your collection for the amount it's worth. In fact, many insurance ...
How to Cancel Car Insurance - Car Insurance and Loans - About.com
If you just started a car insurance policy with a new insurance carrier, do no forget to ... You will be looking at a possible collections notice if you do not pay or ...
Medical Office Tips - Upfront Collections - Patient Access - Financial ...
There is a process to developing a winning upfront collections policy. ... payment from the insurance company and the patient's responsibility is indicated on the ...
Organizing Your Doll Collection: Taking a Doll Inventory
First--you will need an inventory of your collection to obtain an appraisal of your collection for insurance. EVERY doll collection should be insured.
Tactics to Deal With Unpaid Medical Debt - Credit / Debt Management
Sometimes the health insurance company sends an explanation of benefits to ... to set up payment arrangements before the debt is sent to a collection agency.
Improve AR Days With Claim Follow-Up - Medical Office - About.com
Once the bill has been received by the insurance company, you do not have to be ... Developing a collections policy for your medical claims can guarantee that ...
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