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China, Pottery and Glass Collecting - Collectibles - About.com
Pottery and glass resources are just some of the links shown here. If you are a pottery or glass lover/collector, find out more about your teapots pottery and glass  ...
Collecting McCoy Pottery - Collectibles - About.com
McCoy Pottery never patented their designs, which today has opened a floodgate of copycats and fake-makers! The popular company's name is also used to sell ...
How to Collect Native American Pottery - Collectibles - About.com
Native American pottery can really bring out the collectors when the good pieces show up at auction, but if you're interested in starting to collect, do you know ...
Identifying and Collecting Pottery FAQ - About.com
Here is an FAQ on collecting and identifying pottery, including issues such as why to collect, appraisals, insurance, and more.
Collecting Vintage Shawnee Pottery Including Corn Lines - Antiques
Quick Tips for Collecting Shawnee Pottery. - Shawnee Pottery, a Zanesville, Ohio company, began producing fanciful wares in 1937. - Most Shawnee pottery ...
Metlox Pottery Collecting - History and Background - Antiques
The California company that eventually developed into Metlox Pottery was ... These continue to bring good prices in the collecting community, especially the ...
An Introduction to Collecting Newcomb College Pottery - Antiques
Newcomb College Pottery ranks very high among art pottery collectors. Find out more about this legendary pottery's history, marks and how much these pieces ...
Art Pottery - What Is Art Pottery - About.com
Personally, I would suggest the same approach to art pottery as I would to collecting paintings. Buy what you like and want to live with. Buy pieces that speak to ...
Frankoma Pottery Characteristics and History - Antiques - About.com
It wasn't so long ago that many pieces of Frankoma pottery languished on antique shop shelves collecting dust. Although Frankoma did have a few admirers, the ...
Overview of Roseville Pottery - Collectible Pottery
Learn about the history of popular Roseville Pottery company through this overview ... find it hard to spend the money it takes to grow a Roseville collection now.
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