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The Real McCoys
The REAL McCoy Cookie Jars

A list of the known figural REAL McCoy cookie jars. Because of the large number of crocks, cylinders, and teapot shapes, those jars are not shown. They are usually not reproduced.

Animal Crackers - crock
Asparagus *
Astronauts on globe

Balloon - Hot Air
Barn -- Dutch Treat
Barnums Animals (Circus wagon)

Basket of Eggs
Basket of Apples
Basket of Lemons
Basket of Pears
Basket of Potatoes
Basket of Tomatoes
Basket of Strawberries

Bean Pot (red)
Bear w/Cookie in Vest
Bear - and Barrel
Bear - Beehive
Bear - Honey Bear/tree
Bear - Hamm's **/ *
Bear - Hillbilly ++
Bear - Koala
Bear - Snow Bear

Bird -- Peanut
Bobby Baker*/++
Betsy Baker
Bird - Peanut Bird or Duck?
Boy on Baseball++
Bugs Bunny on Cylinder
Burlap Bag
Bus - School bus


Cat - Coalby
Cat -- Kids Stuff (Pink/Peach)
Cat - modern look
Cat - on Basketweave
Cat - on cylinder

Clown - Bust ++
Clown - Decorated (full figured)**
Clown in Barrel
Clown - Sad Clown
Chairman of the Board ++
Chef (Head)
Chinese Lantern
Christmas Tree
Chuck Wagon (blue & white Kettle)
Circus Horse ++
Coca Cola Can*
Coca Cola Jug *
Coffee Mug
Coffee Pot
Coffee Grinder
Cookie Bell *
Cookie Boy
Cookie Cabin
Cork Lid Jar
Corn *
Cow -- Down on the Farm*
Covered Wagon*/++

Dalmations in Rocking Chair ++
Davy Crockett Head

Dog House
Dog -- Thinking Puppy ++
Dog -- Kids Stuff (Brown/Blue)
Dog -- on Basketweave
Dog (Puppy with Sign)
Dog -- Clyde
Dog -- in House++
Dog -- Sniffing (Commemorative)
Dog -- "Mac"

Duck - on Basketweave
Duck (several variations)

Elephant with split trunk
Elephant (similar/no split trunk)
Engine - Train

Football Boy
Freddie the Gleep ++
Friendship Seven
Frog on Stump
Frontier Family Crock
  (Turkey finial/knob finial)

Garbage Can
Gingerbread Boy on Crock *
Globe w/Airplane
Goodie Goose
Grandfather Clock

Happy Face - variations*
Hen - on Nest - variations
Hillbilly Bear ++
Hobby Horse ++
Hot Air Balloon

Ice Cream Cone*
Indian Head ++

Jack O'Lantern**
Jewel Box

Kangaroo - variations/2 designs
Keebler Tree House *
Kitten on Coal Bucket
Kittens on Ball of Yarn
Kittens - Two in short Basket
Kookie Kettle

Lamb - on Basketweave
Lamp (Lantern)
Leprechaun ++
Liberty Bell *
Log -- Squirrel Finial
Love Birds - aka Penguins Kissing
Lunch Bucket

Mammy - variations **/*/++
Mammy with Caulifowers ++
Milk Can
Monk *
Monkey - on Stump
Mother Goose
Mouse - on Stump
Mouse - Yellow
Mouse on Clock
Mushroom on Stump

Nibble Kettle

Owl - Mr. & Mrs.
Owl = short brown jar

Pagoda Shape
Panda Bear
Panda Bear - Upside Down
Panda Bear - Upside Down w/Avon Heart
Peanut Bird
Penguin - variations
Penguin w/vest
Penguin - Chilly Willy
Penguins - Kissing
Pepper (Green/Yellow/Red)
Picnic Basket
Pig - white
Pig - Winking
Pig - pink (& bank)
Pillsbury Doughboy*
Pineapple -- Modern
Pirates Chest (silver)
Popeye - on Cylinder
Puppies - on Cylinder
Puppies - in basket

Quaker Oats *

Rabbit - Hocus - variations
Rabbit - on Stump
Rag Doll (Raggedy Ann)
Rooster - White ++
Rooster ++
Rooster Painted

Sack of Cookies *
Santa Claus - Head/bank
Santa Claus - Full figured/very large **
Soccer ball w/whistle finial
Squirrel on log (upright log)
Snoopy on Dog House*
Stagecoach ++
Stove (Cookstove white & black)
Stove (Potbelly)
Strawberry (white/Red) *
Strawberry -- tilted

Stump -- Frog Finial
Stump -- Monkey
Stemp --Mouse
Stump -- Mushroom Finial
Stump -- Squirrel

Sweet Notes - Choir Children

Teddy Bear & Friend
Teepee ++
Thinking Puppy ++
Tortoise - Timmy Tortoise
Tea Kettle
Touring Car ++
Traffic Light
Train - Engine - variations
Train - Caboose
Tug Boat

Uncle Sam's Hat*

Wedding Jar
Woodsey Owl
Wren House*
W. C. Fields

Yosemite Sam on Cylinder

* Another company makes very similar looking jar.

++ Jar is being reproduced!!

** Jar is made not the Same Design as McCoy/But Marked McCoy

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