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Don & Norma Winton Self Portrait Jar
Auction Jar 1997

One of the highlights of the Nashville weekend was watching the auction of the Don and Norma Winton cookie jar. This one-of-a-kind jar was sculpted by Don Winton and on display all of Saturday for everyone to view. The mold was also at the auction to be destroyed or given to the winning bidder to assure everyone that this would be the only jar ever made.

The auction started off normally, but quickly jumped to four figures, we watched it go up to $4000, $5000, $6000. and higher. At first the spectators looked around trying to figure out who on earth was bidding. There was very little discernible movement by the bidders, a nod of the head or a lifting of finger was all we could see. By this time, I kept both hands firmly in my lap. I didn't want to even brush hair out of my face, so afraid I was of bidding on this, by now, very expensive jar. The bidders started dropping out until only two serious looking collectors were left. Both of them looked determined to get it, but which one would stop first? Yes, tension was building and I wasn't even bidding.

The hammer went down at the final figure of $7900, Charlie and Rose Snyder were the lucky winners. Applause broke out for both bidders in appreciation of the fun bidding war we had just witnessed.

After winning the bid, Charlie went up to the front of the room and smashed the mold, bringing more applause from the crowd.

Then he very nonchalantly picked up the jar, one piece in each hand and walked to the rear of the room. We all held our breath at the very casual and very cool way he picked up the jar and walked off.

Charlie and Rose have been collecting jars for over 17 years and have more than 3000 jars in their personal collection. About 99% of their collection is actually on display. They have approximately 86 different Twin Winton cookie jars. Add in variations of the jars and the total Twin Winton cookie jars gets up to about 120 jars.
Their collection is rounded out by 200+ accessory pieces, which includes some Hilly Billy pieces-- the punch bowl set, napkins holders, spoon rests, and napkin holders. Yes, they love Twin Winton!

This special jar created by Don Winton, the Legend of the cookie jar world is a terrific addition to their collection.

Thanks to Carol Seman for her picture of the Snyders and their cookie jar.

Photographs by Carol Seman and Barbara Crews.

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