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eBay Listens to Consumers
Buyer BeSafe instead of Buyer Beware
Please Note... this was an April 1st article (April Fools Day)

eBay finally listens to consumers. It will no longer be "Buyer Beware", but "Buyer BeSafe" is the new slogan heard at the corporate offices.

Starting immediately eBay will enforce a strict policy of policing items offered for sale on their web site. Company officials announced that profits are no longer their biggest concern, as the company tries to reach out to the would-be buyers that have been turning away from online auctions.

And after the recent uproar of increased fees for Reserve auctions, eBay realized that sellers also need to be kept happy and has instituted the FREE DAY. Every Saturday all auction listings and sales fees no longer apply. Saturday auctions are completely free.

eBay announces they will be the first online auction to guarantee customer satisfaction from both buyer and sellers standpoint. If you're not happy, you get your money back -- no questions asked!

  • No longer will unmarked reproductions, fakes or fantasy items be allowed. Any such auctions will be pulled immediately.
  • The use of private feedbacks will still be allowed, but all sellers using Private Feedback will have their home address and phone number posted on the auction listing page.
  • Likewise any sellers or buyers with more than 5% negative feedbacks will also have their home listings posted on their auctions.
  • Sellers will be protected from non-paying bidders. Bidders will now be required to post a credit card when registering and non-payment of an auction would result in said credit card being charged
  • .
eBay has recently signed a contact with an online security agency, whose sole purpose is to protect buyers from auctions meant to deceive. The security agency has developed software to alert them when there is unusual or suspicious action for an auction or seller, particularly paying attention to the practice of "shilling" on private auctions. Another feature of the software is finding and checking certain buzzwords used in listings and descriptions. Use of these words could be cause for the auction to be pulled. Typical terms that MAY cause item to be Blacklisted include:
  • Marked McCoy
  • From Grandmother's attic
  • Found in the estate of a 90 year old woman
  • Heavy crazing typical of age
  • Never Seen Before
  • Extremely Rare (especially when used to describe a mass produced item still being sold)
  • One of a Kind
  • Brush-McCoy Cookie Jar
  • Mint with just a few chips and cracks

AND if you believed all this, unfortunately it's just a dream for many of us. Click here!



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