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Raggedy Ann Finally Makes It
Dateline: 03/30/02
It's taken five times, but it finally happened. Raggedy Ann fans around the world were taking it very personal that she was not in The National Toy Hall of Fame. Last year Tonka and Silly Putty were the only inductees -- yes, they belong in the Hall of Fame, but certainly not any more than Raggedy does.

Last year's denial was the final straw and Raggedy Ann lovers around the world decided to take things into their own hands, advertising her poor plight. Apparently it worked as thousands of petitions, letters and signatures deluged the selection committee over the past year. There were over 90 nominees trying to win the coveted spot, but only two were lucky enough to make it.

On March 27 2002, The National Toy Hall of Fame announced that Raggedy Ann and the Jigsaw Puzzle were the inductees for 2002.

And she is so happy -- she went to Disneyland!

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