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Dan Spiegle, Hopalong Cassidy Illustrator
An Interview with Joseph Caro
Dan Spiegle is currently working on a limited edition Hopalong Cassidy comic strip proof set and centennial comic book. When asked how he got started doing the original comic strips, here is part of our conversation.

Dan: I was always a fan of Hoppy's and first met him after graduating art school a few years after WWII. There was a newspaper ad for an illustrator at Capitol Records in Hollywood, and I applied for it. That was in July 1949. They wanted someone to draw Bozo The Clown stories, but what I had in mind were westerns, so there was no match.

As I was leaving the Capitol offices, one of the executives stopped me and told me that a new production company was looking for a western illustrator just a couple blocks away. That's when I met Hoppy himself! I showed him some of my western sketches and told him about my idea for an authentic western comic strip.
He liked the idea and asked me to put something together, commenting: "I sure like the way you draw horses." With a warm smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eyes, he stood and shook my hand saying "the rest will come with practice, and I think you'll be getting a lot of it around here."

Doing this limited edition Hopalong Cassidy comic strip proof set and centennial comic book, is like turning back the clock for me. It's perhaps the best way to thank Bill Boyd for taking a chance on an "unknown," and still a little wet behind-the-ears illustrator, who was just starting out. He was the genuine article. and a pleasure to work with. I hope he still likes the way I draw horses.

Take a look at Spiegle's comic book art >> Hopalong Cassidy Comics

For more information about the LE Comic Strip Proof, contact Joseph Caro.

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About the author:
Joseph Caro, a well known expert on Hopalong Cassidy, is the author of Hopalong Cassidy Collectibles and the editor of Cowboy Collector Network, a newsletter for Cowboy enthusiasts.

Images supplied by J. Caro/Dan Spiegle

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