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History of the Fenton Logo
These are Fenton logos used from 1970 through 1998.

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Put into carnival ware only in 1970. Between 1972 and 1973, put in hobnail and other ware. By 1975 almost all ware had the logo.

In 1980, a small "8" was added to moulds to denote the decade of the eighties.

Added to the 75th Anniversary
collection in 1980.

Added to the 80th Anniverary collection in 1985.

Appears in Fenton moulds and also in all Verlys, Paden City and US Glass moulds used at Fenton. The logo is paced in the mold by the Fenton mould shop. The "9" indicates produced in the decade of the nineties. A "0" will replace the "9" in moulds produced from 2000 - 20009.

The "Fenton" logo is sandblasted onto pieces in which the mould logo may not show well. This logo is only used in moulds from Fenton, Verlys, Paden City and US Glass. The "9" indicates produced in the decade of the nineties.

Started in 1983. Used in moulds that were acquired from McKee or moulds purchased from other glass companies. Verlys, Paden City and US Glass were the exceptions to this rule. A "9" to denote the decade of the nineties began appearing with this mark in 1996.

The Fenton script "f" has been blasted on some blown ware and used as a decal when the logo in the mould was not readable.

Added to the 90th Anniversary
1995 Historic Collection.

Solid or open single star sandblasted on the bottom or "preferred seconds" sold primarily in the Fenton Gift Shop. Used 6/96 - 7/98. A double star was put on ware donated to Williamstown organization for fundraising aciivities.

Replaced the star in 8/98 on the bottom of "preferred seconds" sold primarily in the Fenton Gift Shop.

Added to the two 1995 Historic Collections in 2000 (Lotus Mist and Willow Green Opalescent).
Images Courtesy of Fenton Art Glass

Thanks to Bill Brabson of SMI and Scott Fenton for their help and information.

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