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Articles & Links

Sabuda, Robert -- Picks

Saint Patrick's Day
  • St. Patrick's Day eCards
  • St. Patrick's Day Collecting
  • Sandy Mitchell's Collection

  • Sand Pail Encyclopedia - Review

    Santa Claus
  • Vintage Santa Claus Images to Use
  • Santa Claus Articles
  • Santa Claus Shops
  • Santa Wreath - Plastic, Tacky Santas
  • Santa - Beadwork

  • "Saving Stuff", Book Review

    Scagawea Dollar

  • Schwanabilia
  • Schwan's Cookie Jar
  • Schwan's Company History

  • Secrets to Affordable Antiques
    Selling Online
    Sexy Glass Ornaments
    Sewing & Thimbles
    Sharing Your Collection

  • Shawnee Pottery Overview
  • Printable Jar Patents
  • Collector Comments

  • Sample Price Estimates

  • Shopping Online Safety Tips
    Silvestri Flying Saucer
    Slavic Treasures

    Snow Children

    Snow White Collection from Lenox

  • Travel Souvenirs
  • Souvenir Snowdome Prices/Millers
  • Snowdomes Auction Prices: January 2004
  • Disney Snowglobes Auction Prices: Fall 2005
  • Disney Limited Edition Snowglobes
  • Snowdome/globe Links

  • Sock Monkeys

    Spawn Samurai, McFarlane

    Spencer, Irene


    Sports Cards/Memorabilia
  • Prices for Sport Memorabilia/Cards
  • An Introduction to sports Card Collecting
  • Hockey Cards
  • Basketball Card Reviews
  • Football Card Review
  • Baseball Card Reviews
  • Sports Clix, Not Just for Kids

    The Star Jar Company

    Star Wars
  • Star Wars Collecting
  • Top Ten All-Time Toys from Star Wars
  • Revenge of the Sith Trading Cards
  • Target's Light-up Gift Card

  • Fun Picks for Star War Fans
  • Star Wars Heritage from Topps
  • Kellogg's Trilogy of Jars
  • Exclusives from Suncoast
  • Star Wars Jars from Cards, Inc.

  • State Quarters - Collecting
  • Images/Release Dates up Through 2006

  • State Quarter Bears

  • State Santas - Glass

    Statue of Liberty
    Statue of Liberty's Sister

    Steiff Rabbits Valuation
    Steve Smith - Pro Bowler, Fine Art Collector
    "Strange" Collectibles

    Strawberry Shortcake Dolls from Osmond
    Sugar Cookie Murder -- Review
    Superman Comic for Ten Cents

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Terrific Cheap Things to Use

  • Susan Schneider, Ornament Collector

    Clubs & Associations

    Salt & Peppers - Souvenir Buildings

    Hobbyist Term Definitions



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