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Vintage Edition Teddy Bears
Dateline: 10/29/99


Combine finely crafted dressed bears with one-of-a-kind vintage fabrics, hand embroidery, then limit the editions and bear lovers will take note.

The Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. launched its Vintage Edition of collectible bear this fall at FAO Schwarz's New York store.

Berrie envisioned a collection that evolved from his own world travels and his many years in the teddy bear business. "Each heirloom teddy is crafted in the classic teddy bear tradition and meets my personal standard to provide many years of pleasure and faithful companionship"

From the Russ Company:
The dressed bears wear authentic miniature outfits that are made of high quality materials and are specifically coordinated to provide each teddy with a distinctive personality. The ensembles are made of rich materials such as velour, velvet and chenille. Each teddy bear comes with a grosgrain Vintage Edition ribbon fastened to its paw by an antiqued copper Vintage Edition button. In addition, an attached parchment Certificate of Authenticity is inserted in a protective sleeve.

The collection also consists of The Limited Edition Mohair Collection, which is designed with 100% genuine mohair and had embroidered features, and was inspired by nostalgic memories of handcrafted mohair teddies. The mohair used in this collection is a natural fiber that was created from the fleeced Angora goats. This rare and luxurious fiber was custom designed to create an antique look representing many years of love and friendship.

Note: After several name changes and acquisitions, the company was Kid Brands, Inc. In April 2011, Russ Berrie Inc and Shining Stars products filed for bankruptcy.
Picture supplied by The Russ Berrie Company


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