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Incredible Collectors -- Displaying
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What do you consider your most valuable items?
Valuable in what way? I think the most touching thing was when I was given a bag of candy that was on a NASA mission in 1981. It was given to me by a man who worked for the agency at the time.

The flag toppers are pretty valuable and can sell anywhere from $65. to $250.+ There are a total of 33, although many people are aware of only 32. The thirty-third is the rarest --a little M & M guy holding an M & M flag. I only know one other person that has this topper -- although I am sure there are more out there.

The 33rd Topper
These were available in the early ninties in conjunction with World Cup Soccer and only sold in Europe. Eight (Belgium, Britian, France, Germany, Holland, Italy Spain and the United States) countries were represented in four different colors each. I have 31 -- I'm missing the German Red and the British Orange flag toppers.

The four U.S. Toppers

Are those two toppers your "Holy Grail"?
No -- the earliest M & M advertising we've been able to document were two matchbooks from USO Clubs during WWII. I have seen a picture, but don't have one. That's my Holy Grail!

How do you display your collectibles?
I had inherited a china closet and put rows of toppers in there, but it soon was filled up and I went to Plan B -- wristwatch cases! I keep an eye out for used store display cases, which are the perfect size for displaying toppers. They are vertical with many acrylic shelves and usually have a light. And most important --don't take up a lot of space.

I bought an industrial size roll of Saran Wrap and totally re-wrapped every dispenser even those not in a box. This keeps them clean and easy to dust.

We have a three-level home, the lower level is devoted to M & M collectibles. I try hard to keep the other areas free of M & M items and not "contaminate" the living room with the collectibles.

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