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Updated March 29, 2011
This was a short-lived series that appears to be about 52 episodes long.

Now, the stars of the PBS favorite, "Antiques Roadshow," will have a chance to prove their theory as hosts of Find! a new series celebrating the world of design, style, antiques and furnishings. The series, which consists of 26 new half-hour episodes will air on Thursdays beginning October 16 at 8:30 p.m.

"Find!" begins each episode with the Kenos visiting viewers’ homes around the country searching for valuable surprises. The brothers will then call upon experts in conservation, restoration, reproductions, and other fields to help viewers learn more about the objects around them. Then it’s on to the world of design and contemporary living, as the Kenos visit interior designers in show houses and private homes in an effort to explore the country’s latest and most innovative design trends. The mixing of the old and the new will be the theme of these segments, inspiring viewers to take a fresh look at their own homes.

From a beautiful New York City shop that serves as the show’s home base, the brothers will, along with invited professionals, tackle any and all inquiries on furnishings and design.

In addition, Leigh and Leslie Keno will write a furniture, furnishings and design column for "This Old House: magazine, beginning with the October issue and there will be a companion Web site. There are also plans to publish a special issue of "Find!" in 2004.

Russ Morash, creator, executive producer and director says: “Leigh and Leslie Keno are a producer’s dream. They have an innate understanding of their trade, and what makes great television. Their energy is endless; we are sure viewers will find them refreshing and a much-needed addition to the television landscape.”

“We’ve been waiting a long while to find the right vehicle for a series,” Leigh Keno says. “What makes this show so distinctive is our focus on the many definitions of the word ‘find’.' Whether it’s a real ‘find’ in terms of hidden treasure or just ‘finding’ one’s own personal style, our show is very accessible and chock-full of useful information.”

Leslie Keno adds: “We’re committed to demonstrating that rare and precious antiques can be found just about anywhere. For some, it might be an object that’s been a part of their childhood ‘show and tell’ for decades; for others it might be a $5 object purchased at a garage sale, but with great sentimental value, or it might be a masterpiece in the attic. Whatever the case, we hope the program serves as a prime source for those who want to know everything about their personal treasures.”

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