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Ian Stewart Prospect Premieres
Mike Eisner
Updated December 05, 2003
When you have a great concept, you stick with it.

That is the opinion of the hobby when it comes to Upper Deck’s Prospect Premieres set. Ever since Premieres first set in 2001, collectors have embraced it with open arms and have looked favorably upon it as one of the best places to find the hottest rookie cards. Had Upper Deck decided to not make one single change to the way this product was constructed in years past, collectors would have been thankful. But, Upper Deck does have a funny way of making great products even greater.

This year, every 18-pack box of Prospect Premieres contains an average of 2 certified rookie autographs and 1 rookie game-used jersey card. Now, that’s 3 pieces per box on average! And, there are 71 autographs and 42 game-used jerseys to choose from.

With certified autographs of such 2003 Draft studs as Ian Stewart, Kyle Sleeth, Ryan Harvey and Conor Jackson, this product has been at the forefront of collector’s minds and the top of their want-lists since it’s release last week.

Unopened boxes of 2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres have been moving briskly at $40-50 per box, and have shown no signs of slowing down.

This product also contains the rookie cards of Anthony Gwynn, Delmon Young and Rickie Weeks.

If you are looking for a very affordable box that contains a ton of rookies, you need to look no further than 2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres.

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