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On the Road to Tok and Other Photographic Travesties

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Road to Tok Postcard
Updated September 03, 2003
On the Road to Tok and Other Photographic Travesties
By: Tom Sadowski, Jimmie Froehlich and Jeff Brown

For a moment I couldn't speak. This wasn't a physical impairment; I just couldn't find any words in our expansive language that would accommodate my reaction to the cover of Road to Tok, a photographic collection of postcards.

The three artists responsible for these images are not just in a class of their own; they have created a world that is uniquely theirs. With Sadowski, Froehlich and Brown as your guides, the reader is shown an Alaska unknown to the authors of the encyclopedia and the rest of the world population.

Through their mastery of humor (albeit a little campy) and undeniable skill in photography, we see the seamless and fantastical world of bear malling, not to be confused with bear mauling, and the soaring heights of Alaskan ice scrapers, read: fifty story tall ice scrapers cutting across the downtown Alaskan skyline.

While there is a definite portion of the population to whom this book will appeal, it could easily, if not sophisticatedly, grace most coffee tables. The images are such that it only takes moments to see the intended absurdity; however, you can enjoy the offbeat aestheticism for much longer. The images held within the cover are amazing, not only for the silly humor, but for the fact that they were created long before the days of Adobe Photoshop. The authors list as their tools Exacto blades, gray ink and glue. Originally published as postcards in the 1980's, this postcard collection is now available online at gacpc.com, and other major book retailers.

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