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Updated November 21, 2011
Years ago receiving the dreaded application to join the AARP (sent right before fiftieth birthday) would cause many women to furiously deny the aging process! Me?? Old enough to join the AARP? What are they thinking? A few things have changed since then -- gradually bringing a difference to women and the perception of aging.

Today it's a threshold that many long for -- fifty years old and they can finally join the Red Hat Society or graduate from the pink hat to the coveted red hat.

Because wearing a red hat with purple clothing is synonymous with the society, it's seen a resurgence of wonderful red accessories for women. A few weeks ago at a major department store, I was amazed at the huge number of red hats, along with assorted accessories for sale in shades of reds and purples. None of these were licensed items, there is no way you can require a license agreement for all red hats or purple dresses for that matter. But a license is required to use the Red Hat Society name or their Red Hat logo.

Red Hat Society licensed items enjoy a huge share of the Red Hat market, with items as diverse as pins, magnets, bumper stickers, Cardew teapots, Radko ornaments, Boyds Bears, clothing, jewelry and of course -- Red Hats.

Oh yes, another licensed product was a Red Hat Society door Hingehead,something I never even knew existed as a decorative item!

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