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PY/Miyao Fun Kitchen Collectibles

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PY/Miyao Fun Kitchen Collectibles
Courtesy of Hobby House Press
Updated November 03, 2003
You'll certainly want to kiss the cook whose kitchen is filled with these bright and cheery veggie people and anthropomorphic fruit faces! Ordinary kitchen objects take on life as Cabbage Girl scouring pad holder, Celery Head salt and pepper shakers, Avocado Head planter, and Sunflower Girl bud vase. Manufactured from the late 1940's through 1961, these cheerful pieces of pottery provided much needed relief from the gloominess of WWII. The irresistible cherubic smiles and enormous, laughing eyes of the heavily glazed series gained enormous popularity throughout the United States, as you probably remember seeing a comical apple face coffee cup or Rooster and Roses coffee pot in your grandparent's kitchen. Learn more about who brought us these quirky creations and the history of the Miyao Company. Animate your pottery collection with this surefire hit!

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About the Author
Belinda Euans and her husband/photographer and daughter live in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Her son is currently serving in the Air Force. She has written numerous articles for antiques and collectible publications. For nearly 15 years, she has been selling antiques and collectibles. Nowadays, you can find her selling antiques and collectibles at Tuxedo Cat Antique Center near West Branson, Missouri and at the St. Charles Antique Mall in St. Charles, Missouri. She has been collecting PY items for along time and finds them simply irresistible.

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